I love how everyone is accepting, understanding and happy for me, but when I break the news to you. It just seems like you won’t even try to accept and just judge it and become disappointed in me because I choose to be that way.

Your fine with everything else, but religion and I would follow the same religion, but you take it seriously that it scares me to even admit these news to you and it makes me so frustrated and depressed that it has to be this way.

I hope and pray that this will change soon or else our relationship will become more rocky than it is now.


I keep telling myself that I have a lot of friends, but then I wonder how many of them thinks that I’m friends with them or am I just an aquatint. I wonder how many of them are going to be there for me not only for my accomplishments in life, but also the very end of life where everything goes dark. I wonder if your here because you want something from me or actually here to cheer me on. So, I question myself if you are my friend or just another aquatint in my life just passing through. 

The guy I would admire and most likely go out with.

The moment that I’m at my lowest and can’t handle my life. I would admire a guy who would instead of just texting or calling me and ask “if I’m okay”, he would instead find me and take care of me until I’m not broken. I would date someone like that because I know that they care that much to just drop everything and find me.

It takes a man to know that someone is hurt, but a gentlemen to know something is wrong and needs fixing.

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